Thursday, April 28, 2005

Picture This! -- Part 2

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Several posts ago, I wrote about my "little problem" with not having put photos in albums for just about eightyears.
It has been a project "assigned" to me by my husband; I am to prepare albums between Pesach and Shavuot, in some semblance of order, or else he will find someone else to do it -- namely him! But like I said before, I may have procrastinated in the project, but I'll do a damn well better job at archiving the photos than he will.

Little does he know (unless he'll happen to read this post) that there's also a problem with my children's school pictures I've bought over the years. Not too long ago, I was looking for something in a cupboard and found a package of school pictures that I'd paid good dollars for -- you know, one 8 by 10, two 5 by 7's, four 3 1/2 by 5's and a class picture. The package was pretty much intact, which means that I'd not framed the 8 by 10 for ourselves, nor had I given grandparents the 5 by 7's nor assorted aunts and uncles the wallet sized photos. How horrible could I be? Isn't a mom supposed to "kvell," supposed to proudly display her framed "kinderlach" on home walls and bookshelves?

Well, I have several beautiful frames that I've bought or received as gifts over the years, but they sit vacant, just waiting for this TorontoPearl's children to rent the space. My beautiful walls beckon to me: "I need a photo here. I need a collage there. If you don't hang something up soon, I might just crack!"

Our family room wall unit has some photos, but most of them appear to pay homage to my oldest child when he was between the ages of infancy and two (eight years ago -- yeah, that's just about how long I've neglected to put photos in albums); yes, there are a couple of my middle child here and there, but none of the youngest.

The same in my bedroom on my dresser, but I think a photo of my youngest snuck in there somewhere.

I am the youngest of three children, born in September, and in 1961 people weren't photographing as often and as freely as they do today. So, the earliest photos of me were taken in the spring of 1962, and I was already several months old. Of course, whenever I'd look at the family photo albums(my mother is the most organized "albumist"; she worked as a negative cutter in the film business, so perhaps the details related to that job carried through to her arranging of photos and negatives...?) I'd question it, assuming that I was adopted and came into the family a bit later. Such wasn't the case, but I guess it was also the "third child syndrome"-- ie. fewer photos as the list of children goes on.

In any case, I hope to report back to you in a month or more that I indeed coordinated and arranged beautiful photo albums of my family, gave out beautiful school photos of my children, and became the best photo archivist this side of Lake Ontario!