Monday, June 05, 2006

And Now A Word from My Boys...

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Scenario One:

While driving home from school today, my oldest son (11 in two weeks) announced "I hope we go fishing this summer"!

I asked: "Who's 'we' "?"

Me, Abba, and Yossi bracket Les." Yossi is known to some people as Yossi and to others as Les. My son gave our friend's name the distinction it deserves...

Scenario Two:

Dinner time. I doled out into everyone's bowl a yummy pureed veggie soup I make every now and again. It's been such a hit with my kids and visiting family and friends since day one. And I thought today would be no different.

Youngest son (6) did not want to eat the soup. Silly me took the time to argue about it because I wanted him to at least have a few spoonsful. I reminded him that he's eaten it before, and he was adamant that he didn't have a taste for the soup, explaining, "I didn't even like it that Shabbat when I ate three bowls of it!"

CROCS (TM) Are the Now Thing

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Oh. My. Gosh.

My daughter has become a sales agent for this new trendy shoe called Crocs. She has come up with just about every reason why it's a worthwhile shoe, never mind that she wants them...needs them....has just got to have them!

I made the mistake of telling her that I had a couple pairs of clogs when I was a kid.

" had clogs, I can have Crocs!"

She is not willing to have knock-offs; she "needs" the real thing. And suddenly so does my youngest guy -- he wants them too. Several of my daughter's school friends have them; several of those friends have little brothers who are friends with my youngest son...and they have them.

So, since yesterday afternoon, I have become a croc hunter. Look out, Steve Irwin, I'm your newest competition!

Update: Monday evening:

My daughter is the very happy owner of a pair of pink Crocs; my young son is unhappy as there were none in his size. These are a very POPULAR shoe and apparently there are back order wait lists for customers at some locations.

I "met" my daughter halfway and told her these are an early birthday present -- she was okay with that and mentally scratched off the IPod that was on her birthday wish list. "It's okay...I wouldn't even know how to download onto it."

A big sigh of relief from Mom.

A Seraphic Session

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Next Sunday morning, June 11, is the 3rd Annual Ariel Avrech Yahrzeit/Memorial Lecture, being held at the Young Israel of Century City, in Los Angeles. The guest speaker will be Rachel Friedman, a world renowned scholar on The Five Books of Moses, and The Prophets. The title of her lecture is: How Can We Come to Know G-d?

Of course I would like to be among the audience, and for a time hoped it would be possible, but not this year... I did make the trip last summer, thinking it was high time that I meet the Avrechs and honor the memory of their very special son at the annual yahrzeit lecture.

Although I feared I might have set a precedence in traveling across the country -- if I made the effort to attend the lecture once, perhaps everyone expected me to attend each subsequent one -- I was certainly not sorry I made the trip. (I am sorry, however, that I didn't get to meet Cruisin' Mom that day, who also attended the lecture.)

If anyone lives in the Los Angeles vicinity and has made the time and effort to read Seraphic Secret, or The Hebrew Kid and the Apache Maiden, and has gotten a taste of what Robert Avrech is all about, and has gotten a taste of what Ariel Avrech was all about, do make it a point to honor the family with your presence at the lecture.

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