Thursday, May 12, 2005

Freudian Slip(covers)

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Some years ago at my job, I was editing a Christmas story called "I Heard the Rabbits Singing."

I was supposed to note the title at the start of each chapter, and more than halfway into the manuscript, I noticed what in fact I'd been writing:

"I Heard the Rabbis Singing."

Some Christmas story that would've made, huh?

Could I Please Have Your John Hancock?

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When I was young(er), I used to like to sign my name everywhere, practicing it in flowery script with hearts and flowers, or very jagged script or printing. In a sense, I was having autograph sessions for myself, checking out my handwriting from all different angles and styles.

As I got older, of course my handwriting evolved, as did my personality. And it seems as if my handwriting reflected those changes, as well. It was okay to have flare, and not take as much care with each letter, each rounded shape -- my handwriting became a combination of cursive and print. My handwriting took liberties in how it presented itself.

When I was at the dating stage, I used to practice writing my name along with my male interest of the moment. I was playing, and it was all a game. But when I met my husband-to-be, it felt better than a game, it felt like real-life. And so I practiced writing my name, together with my maiden name, together with my now-husband's last name. Then I'd practice writing my first name with just his last name. And then I practiced writing Mr. and Mrs. ______ & Pearl _______.

And I discovered that practice makes perfect!

I'm hoping that theory applies to my future/intended "career" as a published author. I've practiced writing "autographs" for people who will have bought my children's book, Dance Me a Dance...Please
From the time that I wrote the manuscript and had it accepted for publication, I already wrote a dedication for the book and found myself a phrase to use in autographing copies at readings and children's book festivals.

And since I don't think I'll have a reason to put that phrase to use anytime soon on a title page, I'll share it with you folks: ...Dream a little dream yourself... Best wishes, Pearl _____.


I'd like to know if any of you readers, male or female, have practiced the art of signing your name, as I have -- writing down your name along with that of a member of the opposite sex, someone whom you hoped to share your life with. Writing your name to practice how it would look on an important document or check. Writing a sample "autograph" to hypothetical fans.

And to those actual authors out there whom I know do read this blog, please share your thoughts, too. Did you ever practice your signature or autographed message before actually being able to put it to good use?