Saturday, November 26, 2005

Su..Su...Sumo -- Giving It Your All

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Okay, so my little sumo wrestlers are in competition tomorrow. But not my daughter. She bowed out of the class...for now. So it's child #1 and child #3 who will be giving it their all.

I've actually watched a few minutes of their classes as they give their all -- I've seen child #2 and #3 (when she was still in class) go at it. Of course I was laughing hysterically; it wasn't much different than what I've sometimes witnessed at home, except that a circle on the floor is involved in the class. Child #1 had shown some good style with his opponents, but he has yet to learn how to show a "fight face"-- wipe that happy-child grin from his face and look mean and angry and ready to conquer the world...and a trophy, if one is involved.

And speaking of trophies...apparently, I found out today, that my husband also has given his all. He's paid a reasonable amount per child for this competition, so that each one will be guaranteed to walk away with a trophy. The martial arts school may only be asking for a few bodies to be bruised, but no feelings to be hurt as a result of the competition. Yes, a good strategy in itself, as the children rack up the points in each bout and build up their egos with trophy in hand.

Another good strategy? I could've gone into a trophy shop and bought a couple of trophies for the boys for less than the required amount the school is asking for. But then again, I realize that their competition is about the thrill of it all -- the fighting, the audience and the winning attitude that comes with doing your best and giving it your all.

Update: #1 child won 1st place -- gold trophy
#3 child won 2nd place -- silver trophy

Dollars might have been paid by all parents to guarantee each child a trophy, but the points the children accumulated in each round were done all on their own.
I'd say that after taking only 4 classes each as sample classes, my kids did pretty good.
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