Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Into Every Generation

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Please check out this 1-minute film put together by Aish HaTorah.

It only takes a minute...

Summer Schedule

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Remember watching TV (I rarely do anymore, so I pose the question to you) and over the summer, series would go on hiatus and they'd bring you repeat episodes or "the best of," just to keep you in touch with the show until the fall?

I'm not on hiatus, but I've decided that I'm going to go through "THE BLOG FILES" and every now and again will randomly pull something up and reprint it for you.

Doing so is certainly not a new and novel concept for others; it is for me.

It's like the infomercial, late-night shows that try to sell you "The Best of..." musical compilations. "The Best of Bread," "The Best of Chicago," "The Best of Joni Mitchell," "The Best of the Seventies" -- the offscreen announcer or the onscreen MC says, "Do you remember this one?"

So, folks, do you remember this one?

Any newish readers have a song to call their own?