Monday, January 16, 2006

Edited Out...or Gotta Wipe That Egg Off My Face

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Last month I posted about having been contacted by a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer who was interested in my comments/thoughts about after-hour services, ie. salons, because of an article she was writing. She had stumbled across a post of mine from earlier in the year in which I stated that after-hours services in every realm should be available.

Okay, I prepped you, I prepped me...and I forgot about the article and when it would be in print. I got into work today, saw the note I'd left for myself with the January 15th date and went over to the newspaper's Web site, expecting to see my name, Web site name and comments somewhere within the article.

No, no and no. I did not make an appearance after all. Perhaps the journalist took a different path to write her piece, perhaps my cameos were edited out.

But it's somewhat of another lesson for me in DON'T SPEAK BEFORE IT HAPPENS. My parents tried to train me in that area when I was young -- "Don't tell anyone we're going away, 'cause we might not"; "Don't tell anyone we're getting a new car" -- and I've tried to train myself of that as I grew up. It's difficult to curb enthusiasm at times and that's why we let things slip.

When a children's picture book manuscript of mine was accepted for publication a few years ago, I was THRILLED and knew that people would be equally thrilled, so I told several. I got congratulatory e-mails and cards and....THEN NOTHING. The publisher ran into financial difficulties, and sadly (for them and I), had to drop my project. Yes, it was beyond my control; yes, the absence of my appearance in the Philly Inquirer article was beyond my control; yes, not ending up going on a particular trip when I was young was beyond my control. Many things are beyond are control, so...perhaps it's just better to announce, to explain and to talk AFTER the fact.

So I thank you for all your previous enthusiasm and mini applause when I excitedly told you about my forthcoming appearance in the Philadelphia newspaper, but next time I'll just let you hold that applause till AFTER the performance. In that way, "Brava, brava" and "Encore, encore" will mean so much more.