Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Book Review: A Dog Named Slugger

When I was contacted by a literary agency and asked if I'd like to review a book about a dog, I jumped at the chance. But upon reading the book, I came to understand that Slugger was not just a typical dog: he was a gift.

The book, A Dog Named Slugger, by Leigh Brill, is the true story of a woman who, having had to deal with her cerebral palsy all her life, finds it more difficult while in college to handle her disability on her own, and decides to seek out a service dog organization.. She is matched with Slugger, an extremely intelligent, devoted and loving -- and loved! -- Yellow Labrador retriever, and they train to become a team. Slugger becomes Leigh's shadow, guide and a true companion in every sense of the word.

The dog helps Leigh navigate through life on college campuses and in the greater community. She  gains confidence and a greater sense of independence, thanks to her canine companion, who is there with her....every step of the way. Leigh finds love, and achieves a true sense of contentment; while Slugger helps teach others about caring and limitations imposed by society, even if not imposed by a physical disability.

Heart-warming and inspiring, the book and the story behind it also promotes a very worthy cause--the Service Dog Industry. (All of Leigh’s proceeds from the book will go to the nonprofit St. Francis Service Dogs organization.)

 A Dog Named Slugger (published by Memphis, Tennessee publisher Bell Bridge Books), a 2011 Epic Award winner, is written in an easy, flowing, natural style -- with Leigh's honesty and warm and determined personality shining through. Accompanied by photos of Leigh and Slugger at play and at work, as well a Readers' Guide/ Discussion Questions, the book lends itself to being a wonderful choice for a book club, a classroom setting, or simply to be shared among friends.
Welcome to the world of service dogs. Welcome to Leigh & Slugger's world....