Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Every Day Is a Celebration

A friend and I were recently discussing wedding anniversaries, and when I commented on the date of his upcoming anniversary, he told me that he wouldn't be celebrating... "[The] truth is every day with ____ is a celebration."

This man has the right attitude. Some twenty-plus years ago he found a spouse with whom he wanted to share his life. A married life is all-encompassing because it isn't always a road paved with gold: there are detours, there are one-way streets, there are dead ends, there are speed bumps, there are always "Men Working" signs posted along the way. Sometimes, women provide the road maps and directions, other times it's the men who do so. But this man chose the person with whom to share that front seat. They have been each other's navigator and have helped their back-seat passengers try to reach their destinations, too.

To deem each day a celebration is to recognize that marriage is not meant to be taken for granted. Family lives are enriched when each day is considered special and meaningful and treated as such.

I toast my friend with a hearty "L'Chaim" -- I am thrilled that all those years ago he found the best possible co-navigator with whom to share his life.

May you all be blessed with cherished co-navigators of your own...