Friday, June 24, 2005

The Me That Nobody Knows...but Now You All Will!

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Back in November 1979, when I was 18 years old I started to make a list in a journal; it was entitled "The Me That Nobody Knows."

Yesterday, June 23, I was reading David Bogner's blog, Treppenwitz, and as it was his 44th birthday, he listed 44 items about himself. I commented and told him that I was turning 44 in exactly three months and wanted to know what "44" feels like. I also told him that although it's fun to make these lists, they can be neverending, as well.

But for interest's sake, here is a start to the list that was written when I was 18. And let me tell you, things haven't changed all that much...

* I like writing my signature everywhere.
* I enjoy writing poetry.
* I'm sentimental.
* I sing in the shower.
* I collect buttons that have slogans.
* I like old movies and old music.
* I like to take long walks.
* I like to analyze people and situations.
* I like collecting quotes that appeal to me.
* I like Gilda Radner and Saturday Night Live.
* I despise phonies and people who've been cruel to me in the past.
* I like People magazine.
* I like window shopping.
* I can be very selfish.
* I like to record events of the day in a little calendar of mine.
* I like to listen to people's problems and help them if I can.
* I sometimes like to look & dress like a slob.
* I can be very lazy.
* I love writing letters.
*I'd like to publish an anthology of my poetry and call it "Self-Portrait" or "Inner Visions."
* I like Earth, Wind & Fire.
* I love looking at yearbooks, autograph books and old pictures.
* I continuousl switch the dials on my stereo.
* I like tall guys.
* I'm 5 ft., 7 3/4 inches tall.
* I like gold jewelry.
* I have so many nicknames.
* I don't cry very often.
* I always say, "Ciao bambino."
* I like the smell of hay and fresh-mown lawns.
* I think Yiddish is a beautiful language.
* I'm known for laughing.
* I've already had some of my poems published.
* I like George & Ira Gershwin's music.
* I'd like to be able to compose music.
* I like foreign languages.
* I adore Barbra Streisand's voice.
* I love little kids.
* I like watching people's expressions, and figuring out their nervous habits.
* I have "telephone hangups," meaning it's sometimes hard for me to talk on the phone.
* I like Dr. Pepper and Pepsi commercials.
* I'd like to be on a milk commercial.
* I love traveling.
* I've been to Switzerland and think that it's a beautiful country with friendly people.
* I'd like to give George Benson a yellow rose.
* I tend to write poems about people I've seen, met or have really liked.
* I love flicking my brother's earlobes.
* I don't tend to exaggerate.
* I don't always understand why people can be so cruel.
* I try to usually get on people's good sides.
* I like dancing.
* I used to count my freckles when I was young.
* I look for truth and things I can relate to in songs.
* I like powdery smells in perfumes.
* I think I have a good sense of humor.
* I am pretty sensitive, to my own and to other peoples' needs.
* I want to go to the University of Toronto.
* I used to straighten my hair, but it's naturally curly.
* I like taking personality quizzes.
* I like watching "The Dating Game."
* I sometimes foresee things.
* I used to wear a bite plate for four years.
* I love dogs.
* I hate when people crack their knuckles.
* I know that I can be obnoxious, but at times I love to bother people.
* I hate large crowds.
* I'm not very athletic.
* I like having long rap sessions with people.
* I like eating gooey pizza.
* I love the sound of wind chimes.
* I like doing crossword puzzles.
* I tend to let faucets drip.
* I like to stare at myself in the mirror for long periods of time.
* I love corned beef sandwiches.
* I like to write personal and original messages in autograph books and in birthday cards.
* I always try to think of comeback lines to use on people.
* I hate walking through the lobby at school during lunch.
* I lie flat across my bed with my feet against my stereo speaker.
* I love to dig my toes in sand.
* I use a lot of commas and hyphens in my writing.
* I used to be afraid of watching "The Wizard of Oz" when I was young.
* I see myself as a mature and sometimes immature person.
* I get inspirations for writing at the oddest times and in the oddest places.
* I like brick fireplaces.
* I like dreaming.
* I enjoy staring up at the clouds.
* I like going for drives in the country.
* I used to dilute my Shabbos wine with water.
* I experience deja-vu quite often.
* I usually give names like Herbie or Herman to my cactii and plants.
* I tend to use the word cute too often; I refer even to old people as being cute.
* I once wrote to singer Janis Ian and asked her for her opinion about my poetry.
* I sometimes hold grudges towards people for a long time.
* I like hayrides in the country.
* I love roasting marshmallows.
* I always end up with my writing slanting towards the right side of a page if I am writing a list or a poem.
* I can play a good game of Ping-Pong if I have good competition.
* I like blowing soap bubbles.
* I think David Brenner doesn't need a nose job -- his nose is part of his personality, even if it is two sizes too big for his face!
* I would like to visit California, making certain that I'd stop in Hollywood, shop on Rodeo Drive, go to Universal Studios, to name just a few places.
* I would like to interior decorate my own apartment in the future.
* I would like to see a brass bed in my bedroom, a Tiffany lamp in my kitchen, a jukebox in the den.
* I love baskets.
* I have always fantasized about meeting my "perfect match" in the public library!
* I always forget to dot my "i's."
* I love Rodin's sculpture "The Thinker."
* I find it hard to make choices or decisions.
* I used to fantasize about being a back-up singer for Barry Manilow.
* I used to keep a list of all the U.S. radio stations that came through on my stereo.
* I have quite a photographic memory.
* I always know the latest dance steps and can do them very well.
* I used to think that "horseback riding" meant riding backwards on a horse.
* I love the aroma of pipe tobacco.
* I always liked to finger-paint.

That is pretty much all of what my lists, parts 1, 2, & 3, said; I left out those bits that referred to Toronto items or named people in my life.

If you are still reading this, and I didn't lose you soon after you started reading the list, I thank you. It is rather interesting to review my thoughts from November 1979 and discover that not too much has changed in all these years. Is that a good thing? Perhaps, with respect to certain items.

Many of my points have already come out in my blog posts over the past six months, as well. So they must be still very much a part of what defines me, since I feel the need to write about them.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane; I know that I did!


And you thought my previous post, a spoof on "Jet Plane," was my last post before my holiday. Apparently so did I...

See? I'm still able to surprise myself and others.

One more thing: Happy 49th Wedding Anniversary, Mom & Dad. Even if you never read my blog, you do know that I love and cherish you in my life and in the life of my husband and children. You are very special people who, together have managed to overcome many hardships and come out safely on the other side. I wish you good health and lots of naches from each other, your children and grandchildren. May we celebrate together again next year.