Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What's Up with AOL...or Need I Say Down?

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Most recently I've had trouble sending return messages to U.S. folks with AOL accounts. I'd send a message and a day or two later would get a "delayed" message and "no need to resend your message". Then a couple of days later, I'd get a "failed" message, that "couldn't connect to server."

So my messages have gone unread...

I even had to use someone's comments forum to ask her to send me a message, using a different e-mail address, which she did.

I am now using my own blog to appeal to cruisin-mom (Randi W.) and Rachel (thurbie18) to send me messages with a different e-mail address, if possible. I've responded to you two ladies at your aol addresses and my messages came back to me. (I don't want to use Robert's comments forum to write to you.)

Please know that I'm courteous and do respond to e-mails and comments, but aol doesn't seem to like me very much these past few days. Hopefully you two don't share the same sentiment!

Bizarro World

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Your idea of odd probably differs from my sense of odd. But this is what I saw this morning, and it struck me as belonging to a "bizarro world."

I was driving in to work and was stopped at a red light. Looking in my rearview mirror, I saw a guy in a small car behind me. His hand was hanging out the window and there was a cigarette held between his fingers. I then looked at the car alongside me and saw a guy, his hand hanging out the window, a cigarette held between his fingers.

Went back to my rearview. Guy behind me now was puffing on his cigarette. Quick glance at passenger-side window. Guy beside me was now puffing on his cigarette.

Rearview mirror. Guy behind me was holding a CoffeeTime coffee cup to his lips and sipping.

Side window. Guy beside me was holding a CoffeeTime coffee cup to his lips and sipping.

Rearview mirror. Guy removed coffee cup from his lips and it was out of sight.

Side window. Guy was just removing his coffee cup from his lips and putting cup in a holder.

Light turns green. I leave Bizarro World behind and wonder who was the great choreographer/stage director of this recent scene.