Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who Are the People in Your [Blogging] Neighborhood?

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My children used to watch Sesame Street when they were younger. I used to watch The Muppets when I was younger. I think both these shows -- the early versions and the current versions -- are and were brilliant television...for both children and their parents.

There were characters to fall in love with and to root for, there were numbers and letters to learn and there were tests to decide "which of these things is not like the other." All in all, fine writing and fine teaching.

One of the songs from that show kept playing over and over in my head today for some reason, and once a tune pops in, it's tough to shake it. So I've decided to use it with some modification.

So let's see... Who are the people in my [blogging] neighborhood?

Well, there's a mom who always cruises by, and a woman who likes to hang out at the candy store and indulge her sweet tooth. There's a woman who likes to hang her shmattas out on the clothesline, and she lives beside a guy in a shack -- let's call him Jack. There's a guy who generally wastes his time, always thinking that what he's doing might be a little important. We have a guy who wants to be on the radio and do sports announcing and he's always looking for air time. There's a guy who continually whispers, and another guy who likes to share his secrets. We have a guy who continually is a model citizen...month after month. A woman who's still living here, five years later. And a guy who's trying to move on. We have someone who writes great poetry and whose name rhymes with Wendy. We have a simple Jew and another one who keeps asking if we already ate. Interesting...that connection. And like that mom who always cruises by, we have another person who just often passes through en route to this great coffeehouse and then on to another interesting hangout or two.

Life is good here in this neighborhood. One of the men likes to point out new music all the time and help people with their designs. A woman likes to hang out with a sweet young thing and show off her antics. We have our balabusta types who continually have to look after their unruly children.

We have those who like to share their world with others, whether by writing or by public display. And those who like to like to play name games and create titles for themselves.

Sometimes the neighborhood offers entertainment: comedy-type lectures or even murder-mystery evenings. And yeah, all the neighborhood kids want to be heard from time to time. And some of the grown-ups are tripping over themselves, too, in order to be heard, while others feel they are being neglected.

Truthfully, I don't know everyone equally well yet. There are always people moving out, while others are moving in. But generally I try to maintain and extend my hospitality and friendliness to all those currently found in this neighborhood.

But at the back of the mind, I often have that niggling thought: Good [blog] fences make good neighbors.