Thursday, February 08, 2007

Strike a Pose

I took this photo from a subsection of the photo gallery of the Houston Chronicle, entitled "Fashion We Don't Understand."

So true.

I was looking at a fashion magazine that came into the house today. It did nothing for me except made me roll my eyes.

What kind of bizarre designs are these haute couture designers coming up with? For whom are they meant? Aliens, no doubt. 'Cause not too many earthlings can be seen in some of the wilder designs that are strutted on the world's most renowned fashion runways.

I always wonder to myself: Who is going to wear this? Where are they going to wear this? And to top off some of the more elaborate and flamoyant looks are the hair and the makeup. Okay, I guess NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD makes for a eye-catching look, and BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN tresses help birds find places to nest, if necessary.

From some of the major fashion houses, we are getting designs that must require detailed handbooks on how to wear these clothes and where to wear them. I don't call them clothes, I'm sorry. I think they are costumes and should be referred to as such.

The designers are actually costume makers, wardrobe men and women. Some of the looks are fitting for a futuristic movie made in 1952, or for the circus, or simply for the garbage.

I can't help that I appreciate a classic, lasting look in my clothes designs... And I can't help but think that most of the models out there on runways and in fashion spreads and fashion advertorials are actually ugly. Their inner beauty and external beauty is marred by hideous teased hair, charcoal-outlined eyes that make these women and young girls look like those famous clown pictures that were so popular in the late sixties and early seventies, and just plain ugly clothes.

My mother owns a Victor Skrebneski pictorial book; he is the photographer of the Estee Lauder print campaigns, or was (not sure if he's still alive and still doing them). He captured classic beauties adorned in classic wear. His photos made me smile. Many of today's photos of models and what they represent are not worth a second look, except if one wants to see how "freakish" ought to be defined.

I prefer that you give me a simple and practical clothing design. Give me a design within my budget. And give that design a model who can strike a STRIKING pose while wearing it.

That is fashion at its finest.


Sarah Likes Green said...

it's really just wearable art, stretching the limits of what can be considered clothing as opposed to costume or sculpture.

marallyn ben moshe said...

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii pearl...come to israel and you can wear stuff by omar the my next life i'm gonna have thick hair and skinny thighs LOL...a sweet shavuah tov my friend...write when you can, i'd love to hear from you

rabbi neil fleischmann said...

Maybe it's just meant to be a way to attract attention for the designer, get peope to tak (and blog) about it, thus creating buzz and advertising for the designer.

tuesdaywishes said...

High Fashion is created by gay men. They hate women and so design things to make women miserable or ridiculous or both. The "racoon eyes" makeup and the dark purple lips also make women look predatory. It's all about hurting us so that by comparison they look safe, sexual and inviting.

RaggedyMom said...

Listen, folks, I have that dress in my closet right now. It gets a lot of wear while I'm cleaning, grocery shopping, and particularly during my kids' bathtime.

Not so raggedy now, am I? :)

torontopearl said...

Sarah: you got me thinking that you're probably correct. These designs are not necessarily meant to be worn, but definitely art.

Marallyn: Omar the Tentmaker... How popular is he?

Neil: You have a point there.

Tuesday: I don't think all high fashion designers are gay men, or even men. Some women reign too. But it's an interesting response you provided, and food for thought.

Raggedy: You never WERE raggedy, IMHO! Is that dress tsniusdik, though? :)

RaggedyMom said...

LOL - A little turtleneck underneath, a little two-sided tape on the legs for those windy days, and I'm good to go!

orieyenta said...

I think we all need one of those dresses to wear to shul for Shabbos...although I'm not sure if I could fit through the doors.

Callie said...

Who is going to wear this?
Usually models for editorial photographs and runway shows. Not simple and practical woman.

If all the clothing was simple and practical, everyone wearing "acceptable" makeup and "normal" hair. Would we not all be bored?

I for one am bored of women who staighten their hair,wear matching suits, poly blends and highheels with pointy toes. And don't even mention belts cinching the waist! How predictable.

It boring, unimaginative and makes me wonder if people are awake or just sleeping walking through their existence.

Whos going to wear this? Estee Lauder makeup; known to be filled with carcigens that are linked to cancer. produced from petrochemicals and plastics that are environmentally irresponsible.

Its funny how people are so unwilling to accept something different then question what is normal even though its killing them.
I for one, love that dress its exciting. I think it makes a strong comment on fashion. I think if you researched the romantic period in fashion you might better understand this dress.