Thursday, May 17, 2007

Smile of the Day

Perhaps you've heard the one about the new couple in town - the wife wants to go to the sisterhood dinner, but it costs $200 a ticket and they don't have the cash. So she gets herself nicely done up and goes out for the evening.

The next morning, bleary-eyed, she happily tells her husband that she raised the money herself for the ticket.

"How?" he asks.

She replies, "Well, I'm still a beautiful woman, and..."

"So how much did you earn?" he asks.

"Two hundred and two dollars," she replies.

"What cheapskate gave you the two dollars?" he asks.

"They all did!"


Elie said...

I remember that one - funny! And then there's the flip side joke:

A Jewish wife is reading the newspaper and suddenly tells her husband: "I'm leaving you and moving to Nevada. I just read that 'ladies of the evening' there can make $200 for just one 'session'!"

"Then I'm going too" he replied.

"Really?" she asked. "You mean that you'll come after me and try to convince me to come home?"

"No" he said. "I just want to see how you'll be able to live on $400 a year!"

torontopearl said...

Elie, I like your joke even better than my mine!

Amy Guth said...

Hey Pearlie. Got your comment. I would ove to work something out in that neck of the woods. Any suggestions on places...?

(my email is, if you don't want to suss out the details en blogge.)