Sunday, September 09, 2012

In the Public Eye

Forget the fact that it's been a long time since I last posted...

I realized the other day that in this day and age people have become very public.

Take telephones for instance. Once upon a time there were telephone booths; you'd find one, step inside and close the door, thus blocking off street sounds as you made a phone call, thus allowing for privacy.

These days it's difficult to find a phone booth, and much easier to just slip your cell phone out of your purse or pocket, punch in a few numbers and gab. Doesn't matter where you are: walking along the  street, standing in a crowded subway car, sitting at a table in a restaurant. Base line is that you're out in public and people are able to listen as you freely talk away, as you're not aware of how loud your voice is to others and as you make your position clear on many matters with shouts and exclamations.

When I was a young girl or a teen, I kept a diary. G-d help the person who'd find it. It was hidden among the books in my bedroom, out of view of my siblings and parents. It was private. It was mine.

Back in 2004, I started a blog. Along the way, I picked up  a number of regular readers. I shared some of my innermost thoughts with them and with the blogosphere at large.

I joined Facebook a few years ago. I avidly update my page and also share thoughts with people, whether on my own FB page or in the comments I leave on others' pages.

Why? When did I -- when did WE! -- decide to go so public? Why did we choose to cross that fine line from private to public?

It's interesting to realize and recognize that some people lay themselves completely bare on their blogs -- from family issues, to mental health issues, to work issues -- or on their FB accounts. Have we all become public storytellers and voyeurs of a sort?

Are we in essence trying to reach out to others -- strangers, often -- in this technological, modern way? We don't talk, we type. We don't write; we type. We don't hide; we expose.

Talk amongst yourselves....

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