Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Wondrous World of Awe

I was in the company of a wonderful little girl recently. This child, at her young age of four, is still in the wondrous world of awe -- at least to me. To watch her and her siblings interact, to watch her as she plays numerous games of imagination puts a smile on my face. And I am in the wondrous world of awe.

Because I'm no longer so often around very young children, I like to observe and watch them in conversation, at play, as they explore their world.

This little girl was playing with a baby doll in my company. She was embracing it tightly, a smile on the child's lips. I watched as she lulled the doll, and then as she put the dolly up to her chest. I sensed I knew what was coming....

The girl lowered the bodice of her dress and pressed the doll up to her bosom, pretending to breast-feed it. I couldn't help but smile. Said child had a baby born into the family a few months back, and the mother is very comfortable in nursing the baby. This big sister sees that and incorporates it into her play.

I thought this scene was very beautiful in its own way, and it emphasized for me that children learn from what they hear, what they see...

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